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Howell Workers Compensation Court

Howell Township is one of the largest communities in Monmouth County, ranking 2nd in population and 1st in total area. A mayor and a four-member Township council, under the Council-Manager form of municipal government, govern the township. There are many agriculture, forestry, construction, utilities, and transportation and warehousing employment opportunities in Howell Township. Although these jobs do not often put people in danger, they are not immune to experiencing a workplace injury. If you are employed in Howell and suffer a workplace injury you should look to file an official workers compensation complaint so that you can receive benefits for the wages you would have otherwise been earning. Submitting a workers compensation claim from Howell Township however, will not be done at any municipality located locally. Rather the Freehold Workers’ Compensation Courthouse will hear and issue a ruling on your claim.

Workers Compensation System

Worker Compensation claims are time sensitive and can be further delayed or restricted based on the legitimacy of your claim. It is better in the case of a serious injury at work to discuss your claim with an experience civil attorney sooner than later. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can file motions to counter the tactics deployed by employers insurance companies that would have other ways hindered your benefits and cost you more time to sort through it all. Although New Jersey’s Compensation system protects employees, insurance companies can make you jump through legal hoops to delay and fluster you. At the law offices of Jonathan F. Marshall our lead civil attorney Daniel Santarsiero has 25 years of experience practicing workers compensation law in New Jersey. He has the necessary experience you will need to obtain all of the benefits you have a right to.

Howell Workers Compensation Attorney

While most civil attorneys you encounter will have some experience in workers compensation, they most likely do not have the same amount as Dan. Having settled over one thousand workers compensation cases all in New Jersey it is unlikely that you will find a more battle tested workers compensation attorney. Another important credential of Dan’s is his certification by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. Although most cases do not go to trial, in the event that yours does you will not want to be someone’s first. That will not be the case with Dan as he has spent 100% of his career litigating civil cases like workers compensation claims. Do not put off meeting with an experienced workers compensation attorney to discuss your claim or you may permanently damage your right to recover benefits. Call us at (800) 999-0897 for a free consultation.