New Jersey Workers' Compensation Lawyer Presented by Daniel Santarsiero, Esq. of the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall
New Jersey Workers' Compensation Lawyer Presented by Daniel Santarsiero, Esq. of the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall

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Workers’ Compensation Death Claim

There are few events that can be more life-changing than a workplace death of a loved one. Whether the result of a fatal accident or a protracted end, the resulting loss is immeasurable. Fortunately, the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act provides a means of recovery when someone dies as the result of a work-related accident or occupational disease. Death claim benefits are triggered irrespective of fault, provided the passing was related to employment and this recovery is in addition to that which may be sought from a negligent third party for wrongful death. Daniel Santarsiero, Esq., and the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive experience prosecuting a workers’ compensation death claim and are equipped to ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. Call us anytime 24/7 at 800-999-0897 for an immediate free consultation.

Attorneys Skilled In Recovering Compensation For Surviving Family Members

Thousands of workers are killed every year during the course of their employment. The United States Department Of Labor reported that 4,386 workers were killed in private industry in 2014, with the largest block arising in construction accidents. Falls from a roof, scaffold, ladder and other heights accounted for the biggest number of fatalities. The next most prevalent sources of death are electrocution, being struck by falling objects or crushed by equipment, collapsed structures and material. There is also a whole other group of individuals who die as a result of injuries and diseases arising years after an occupational exposure. A classic example is asbestosis, although there is a long list of other conditions that can fall into this category. Lastly, there is a huge segment of workers’ compensation death claims that arise in the public sector by police officers, firemen, emergency medical technicians, road workers and others employed by the state and municipal entities.

The surviving dependents of those fatally injured at work qualify for survivor benefits under New Jersey law. There is entitlement to recovery of funeral costs, medical expenses incurred prior to death and replacement of lost income. For example, a surviving spouse qualifies to receive benefits for his or her lifetime. The children of the decedent are also eligible for compensation until such time as they are emancipated. Our lawyers assist the survivors of injured workers in recovering these benefits throughout the state, including in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Union County, Mercer County, Essex County, Hudson County, Bergen County, Passaic County and Morris County.

Helping Dependents Recover Death Benefits

It is an unfortunate truth that an insurance company almost never pays a death claim absent the filing of a survivor petition by an attorney. This is why it is important for you to contact us as soon as possible. Mr. Santasiero is skilled in prosecuting dependency cases and making full recovery for his clients. He will make certain that the workers’ compensation insurer pays you and your family the full benefits you are eligible for by law. These efforts are provided on a contingent-fee basis, which means that we will not charge any legal fees unless we make a recovery on your behalf. Call us at 800-999-0897 for an immediate free consultation.


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