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Blown Gasket Leaves Construction Worker Hospitalized


Nobody goes to work expecting to get hurt. Yet, tens of thousands of New Jersey residents are injured in workplace accidents each year. That figure might be staggering, but so, too, are the very real financial damages that can result from one of these incidences. A workplace injury can leave an individual with overwhelming medical expenses during a time when he or she is unable to work and earn a wage. That’s where workers’ compensation benefits can help.

Construction worker injured in workplace accident

One New Jersey construction worker may need those benefits now after being injured in a construction site accident. According to reports, a pressure test was being conducted on a chiller line of a local library when a gasket blew off the line and struck a worker. That worker was immediately taken to the hospital. Officials state that there was no explosion at the site, but that doesn’t minimize the impact the incident may have on this worker.

While there’s no indication of just how injured the worker was following the incident, simply being transported to the hospital for initial treatment can be financially devastating, especially for those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck. If this individual needs longer hospitalization and rehabilitation, and he or she has to miss work for a significant period of time, then his or her family’s financial stability could be rocked.

Know how to navigate a workers’ compensation claim

If you’re in a similar position, then you might think that recovering workers’ compensation benefits might seem easy enough, but it can actually be challenging depending on the facts of the case at hand. That’s why it’s imperative to know how to competently navigate the process and build a claim that maximizes your chances of success. To learn more about how to aggressively pursue your workers’ compensation claim, consider reaching out to an experienced legal team like ours.