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New Workers’ Compensation Law Would Cover Parking Lot Incidents


There has long been a dispute in New Jersey as to when workers were technically on the job and could receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries. This is an important technicality as a person who was about to enter the workplace and was injured but had not started the workday could be denied benefits even if he or she was hurt on employer property. Lawmakers are trying to address that issue with a new law that workers and their families should be aware of. If there are concerns or problems, professional guidance could be helpful.

Law would cover parking lot injuries

A law may give New Jersey workers the right to workers’ compensation if they trip, slip or fall in their workplace parking lot. According to the new law, workers would be covered once they enter the parking area designated for them by the employer. They will be protected the entire time they are there and until they leave. In general, states do not provide this type of coverage even if the employer owns and maintains the lot.

Those who are opposed to the law believe it could lead to a rise in people claiming injuries from a parking lot incident as well as a spike in fraudulent claims. A fall can cause a litany of injuries from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones and rising to spinal cord damage or brain trauma. Experts say these injuries may result in large payouts for missed time on the job and the need for medical treatment.

Workers’ compensation claims may require professional advice

As with any workers’ compensation claim, the facts are essential. This law, if passed, would change the landscape from the claim hinging on whether the worker was performing a job-related function to the worker simply being in the parking area controlled by the employer. Insurance providers and employers could question these or any other injuries a worker claims to have. There are basic requirements to file a claim and steps to take if there is a denial or dispute. From the start, getting the maximum benefits and medical care is essential. Experienced, professional representation could be imperative to getting an approval.