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  • The Role of Medical Evaluations in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Cases

    November 14, 2023

    Workers’ compensation is a crucial system designed to protect employees who get injured or sick because of their jobs. Central to this system is the medical evaluation. This post delves into the importance of these medical evaluations in New Jersey workers’ compensation cases. Brought to you by the New Jersey Workers Compensation Lawyer, this article […]

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  • Occupational Diseases and Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey: A Complete Guide for Employees

    October 17, 2023

    In the bustling state of New Jersey, with its diverse industries and workforce, the safety and health of employees are paramount. While injuries sustained in workplace accidents are often discussed in the context of workers’ compensation, there’s another critical category: occupational diseases. These diseases, resulting from workplace conditions, can have life-altering consequences for not only […]

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  • Navigating the Maze: What to Do If Your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied

    September 20, 2023

    When an injury occurs in the workplace, the impact goes far beyond physical pain and suffering. Your livelihood, emotional well-being, and financial stability can all be put on the line. New Jersey has specific laws in place that allow injured employees to receive workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses and lost wages. However, receiving these […]

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  • Can I Choose My Own Workers’ Comp Doctor?

    August 16, 2023

    When you’ve been injured on the job in New Jersey, you may wonder if you can choose your own doctor for workers’ compensation treatment. The simple answer is not as straightforward as one would hope. This article aims to demystify the complexities surrounding this pressing question. Understanding your rights and limitations in this matter is […]

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  • Work-Related Injuries: Identifying Falling Object Hazards

    June 20, 2023

    Work-related injuries caused by falling objects pose significant risks across diverse industries. These accidents can result in severe physical, emotional, and financial repercussions for both workers and employers. This comprehensive article aims to provide insight into the specific dangers faced by different professions, explore the types of injuries commonly associated with falling objects, delve into […]

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  • Can A New Jersey Workers Compensation Claim Be Denied Due To A Pre-Existing Condition?

    May 25, 2023

    New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws provide crucial protection to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. These laws are designed to ensure that workers receive the necessary medical treatment and financial support. However, there are instances where employers or insurance companies may attempt to deny or delay workers’ compensation claims by citing preexisting conditions as […]

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  • Warehouse Worker Injuries: Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

    April 29, 2023

    Warehouses are bustling hubs of activity where workers tirelessly handle and move heavy materials, operate complex machinery, and perform physically demanding tasks. Unfortunately, the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of a warehouse also exposes workers to a host of hazards that can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. If you are a warehouse worker who has […]

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  • How Much Does A Workers Compensation Lawyer Cost?

    March 16, 2023

    If you’ve been injured on the job in New Jersey, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to your injury. However, navigating the workers’ compensation process can be complicated, and you may find it helpful to hire a […]

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  • Common types of workplace injuries

    January 05, 2023

    A variety of different types of injuries can occur on the job. Workplace injuries can devastate the lives of injured workers and also have a significant detrimental impact on their families. For that reason, workers should be familiar with common types of workplace injuries and injured workers should be familiar with the protections available to them. Most […]

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  • Are Independent Contractors in New Jersey Covered by Workers’ Comp? 

    December 16, 2022

    In New Jersey, the workers’ compensation system provides no-fault financial benefits to employees who suffer a work injury or occupational illness. But does workers’ compensation extend to independent contractors? This question is becoming increasingly important as the economy has greater numbers of freelance or “gig” workers. However, a worker’s right to workers’ compensation benefits often […]

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If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you may have many questions about the financial benefits available to you under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system. You should know that you only have a limited amount of time to report your work injury and make a claim for workers’ comp benefits. Therefore, it is important to have a New Jersey workers compensation attorney review your claim as soon as possible to see that you are being treated fairly and to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. Please call 866-916-3549 or contact our office using our convenient online contact form to arrange a free consultation. Our injury attorneys do not charge a fee unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

Representative Cases

Our client, a nurse at a long-term care center, suffered a work-related herniated disk injury in her back. As a result of her preexisting medical condition and her herniated disk, the court found that the client was totally disabled and awarded the client lifetime weekly disability payments and medical coverage for life.

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