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Woodbridge Workers’ Compensation

Woodbridge is located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and has a population of roughly 100,000 people. There are several large employers located in Woodbridge, such as the Woodbridge Center, the third largest mall in New Jersey, the Wakerfern Food Corporation and the East Jersey State Prison. Due to the high number of employees in the city, a significant number of workers’ compensation claims are filed in Woodbridge each year. These claims are heard at the New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Court. The court is located at 550 Jersey Avenue in New Brunswick and can be reached by telephone at (732) 973-6333. Our attorneys handle many cases in the New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Court and have built strong relationships with the administrative staff. Our firm has a history of successful cases in this court resulting in our clients receiving full compensation for medical costs and lost wages stemming from their work-related injury. If you have been injured on the job in Woodbridge or the surrounding area, our firm will bring your case to the New Brunswick Workers’ Compensation Court and make sure you receive the benefits you deserve.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System was created to serve the need to protect employees who were injured or contracted diseases while performing their duties at work. Before this system, worker’s rights were largely unprotected, and injured workers were simply discarded by employers after they could no longer perform the job. Nowadays, employers are required to carry “no-fault” insurance, which covers the medical costs and lost wages for employees who have been injured during the course of employment. “No-fault” means that regardless of who caused the injury, the employee is entitled to compensation for the subsequent medical costs and lost wages. Therefore, if you have been injured on the job you are potentially eligible for compensation. Unfortunately, the system that was originally designed to protect employees has been perverted by insurance companies who at times, inappropriately seek to hinder injured employees from receiving compensation. This is why it is crucial to hire a highly skilled workers’ compensation attorney who understands all the nuances of the New Jersey workers’ compensation system and will aggressively pursue the benefits you deserve.

Woodbridge Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have been injured at work or suffer from an occupational illness, your life can become extremely complicated. First, the pain and discomfort from your injury can be debilitating. While you are attempting to recover from your injury, the inability to earn wages to support your family can cause additional stress. Furthermore, expensive medical bills begin piling up and before you know it, you’re completely overwhelmed. The best way to avoid this situation is to hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your case. Hiring an attorney ensures that all of the details of the workers’ compensation claim will be filed correctly in due time. Also, an attorney will analyze the details of your case and best determine a strategy that grants you maximum compensation. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our top civil attorney Dan Santarsiero, is a workers’ compensation specialist who has over 25 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases in New Jersey. Dan is reputed statewide for his accomplishments, including a recognition from the esteemed Million Dollar Advocates forum, where membership is awarded only to attorneys that have won verdicts and settlements over 1 million dollars. To speak to Dan about obtaining compensation for your work-related injury or illness, please call 800-999-0897.

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